LaughingU (Panties)

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30 minutes to wash and disinfect your panties. 

Designed to clean up the discharge and menstrual blood from women's panties.

Unique Vacuum-suspension technology reduces the damage to the garment.

Operates quietly that you can put it beside your bed.


Key Features:

Washes Women’s Menstrual Blood and Discharge:

Special washing program to clean up underwear.

Medical Lab Standard Disinfection Process:

Kill more than 99% of the bacteria and virus on the underwear or socks.


Environment Friendly

Laundry detergent kills our rivers and lakes through eutrophication. When using traditional washing machines, most people will use excess amount of detergent for their loads. Our Hyper Wash technology is aiming to reduce the use of detergent to zero, for most of the time. However, for some occasions, detergent is still necessary. We are providing the solution to consume exact amount of detergent needed for one piece of clothings.

Key Technologies (more than 10 patents issued):

Vacuum-Suspension Hyper Wash

Boil water at 50~60 degrees Celsius at low pressure environment. Create boiling bubbles to clean up clothings. Simulate hand washing mechanism with vibrating piston and brush.

Better result than hand washing and traditional washing machine.


Smart Clothing Detection

Apply algorithm on temperature data, to estimate the weight and material of the clothing, thus control the temperature and washing cycle smartly.


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