Our Story

In the winter of 2013, engineering student Tommy wants to have a special gift for his girlfriend. She always complained that hand washing her underwear was a serious pain. 

In China, not just Tommy's girl friend, most girls have to wash their underwear by hand. Machine is not reliable for most underpants and bras, especially during those special periods. 

A machine simulates hand washing mechanism is what Tommy needs for his girlfriend. As she lives at school, the machine needs to be small, portable and easy to use.

Starting from scratch, Tommy had his first design.

(The fifth draft design of the washing machine, 2014)

Later, more people joined Tommy. He was really making something meaningful, and solving real life problem with engineering skills.

(The ninth draft design of the washing machine, 2015)

Tommy visited several cities, to collect feedback from different clienteles.

(The eighteenth draft design of the washing machine, 2015)

After three years of thinking and re-thinking, more than 20 draft designs and prototypes have been built. We finally have the first underpants washing machine on the production line now. 


(The final design, 2016)

The first washing machine is coming with two models.

The white model is for underpants, it is designed to handle women's discharge and menstrual blood from the panties, with a special disinfection cycle. However, it does not dry the panties at the end.

The black model is for socks, it washes, disinfects, and drys a pair of socks in 40 minutes.

This is definitely not the end of Tommy's story.

He and his team is working to provide the complete solution for girls. Their next product in the developing stage is a bra-washer.


Yes, with this little egg, you no longer need to worry about the deformation of your bras caused by washing machines or dryers.

Support Tommy and his team on their first product now, and they will continuously bring surprises and miracles to you!