Backers' Benefits

LaughingU has been launched in Mainland China ( We find that a lot of girls in North America do have the need to wash their panties by hand. We know it is painful. Therefore we would like to produce North American Model to serve the market in the US and Canada. 

We are a small company with several patents and core technologies. It is risky and inefficient for us to add another production line without testing the market first. Therefore we decide to bring LaughingU to the North America Market by Crowdfunding and Pre-Orders.  

We are running the Crowdfunding and Pre-Order Campaign for two months. The target is 1000 pre-orders. If we hit the target by April 20th 2017, a new production line will be added, and the North America Model will be shipped in about a month. If the target fails, we will refund all our backers on April 20th 2017.

The Pre-Order price is $149 CAD or around $110 USD for the first 1000 machines. The price will be $199 CAD or $149 USD after the crowdfunding period.

Backers' Benefits: for the first 1000 backers, we are sharing 10% of our first year's regular revenue in North America with them. Our target sales for the first year is 30,000 machines in North America, which would bring almost $6 million CAD revenue to us. Therefore, the 1000 backers could share the $600,000 CAD on March 20th 2018. Each backer could get around $600 CAD cash back in a year.

(Chinese Model on the Production Line)

How do we come up with the 30,000 orders' estimate?

The first condition for our estimate is to achieve the 1,000 pre-orders target. We have run several surveys across the US and Canada.

The machine is initially designed to fulfill the need of Asian women.

For the first year of sales, our main clienteles are female Asian students in North America and office ladies with intensive workload. With surveys from a sample size of 5,000, the data provided by Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and our budget for marketing, we have run a rigorous regression analysis to get an estimate sales of 60,000 for the first calendar year in North America. 

A more straight forward way to estimate is that, through our survey, 10% female Asian students in North America eagerly want the machine and accept the price of $199 CAD or $149 USD. After the official launch of the product in North America, our marketing team will reach out the top 50 universities in the US and top 10 universities in Canada. On average, each of these universities have 5,000 female Asian students, so that about 500 people would want to buy the machine in one school. The total adds up to 30,000 sales.